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COLT Vacuum Pump Sleeve 2.25


Item: SE6793-10
COLT Vacuum Pump Sleeve 2.25 SE6793-10 - Slip it in and get a grip!

This 2.25 inch Colt Vacuum Pump Sleeve is a hygienically superior stretchy tapered silicone sleeve for a secure vacuum seal.

This sleeve may be used with most pumps.

For unbelievable results, pump it up with the Colt Vacuum Pump System.

COLT Vacuum Pump Sleeve 2.25 will be packaged and shipped to you discreetly and only you will know the contents of the box.

Your Privacy Always Assured!
Color: Clear
Material: Silicone
Diameter: 2.25 inches
Features : Phthalates free
Category: Colt Gear, COLT Pumps and Enlargement Systems
COLT Vacuum Pump Sleeve 2.25 manufactured by: California Exotic Novelties, Llc.

Orders placed by 2PM PST are, in most cases, SHIPPED THE SAME DAY. This does not apply to orders placed on Saturdays, Sundays and all holidays.

All items are DISCREETLY PACKAGED AND LABELED. We respect your privacy and will not distribute or sell your name or information to anyone!!!!


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COLT Vacuum Pump Sleeve 2.25 - SE6793-10
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