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Vigorect Oral Gel Shooter


Item: EL-7998-1
Vigorect Oral Gel Shooter EL-7998-1 - Is a natural and safe alternative to synthetic pharmaceutical products.

Vigorect Oral Gel Shooter contains Butea Superba, otherwise known as Red Kwao Krua.

This natural herb is grown in the northern regions of Thailand and has been used for many years by middle aged and older men as a sexual enhancer.

Research shows the Butea Superba supports enhanced blood flow, erectile efficiency, strength, and staying power.

Most important, research shows that Butea Superba promotes sexual functions without any nervous, muscular, or cardiac over stimulation.

This first time ever oral gel delivery gives you the power you need, the stamina it takes, and the passion you want for spectacular sex on time every time!

It is fast acting, long lasting, all natural, and a proven formula One shooter is all you need!
Fluid Oz.: 0.24
Category: Colt Gear, COLT Lubricants Sex Enhancers and Aromas
Vigorect Oral Gel Shooter manufactured by: Adventure Industries

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Vigorect Oral Gel Shooter - EL-7998-1
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